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American Crochet Set – Free Pattern

Crochet is a craft technique that allows you to create unique and personalized pieces. One of the most popular items to crochet is placemats, which serve to decorate and protect the table during meals. In this article, weÔÇÖll teach you how to make a beautiful crochet placemat.

Necessary materials:

Crochet thread (color of your choice)
crochet needle
Ruler or measuring tape

Step 1: Choosing the yarn and needle
Choose the crochet yarn you like. Make sure the yarn thickness is suitable for the crochet hook you will be using. Typically, the line thickness should be printed on the packaging. Then select the crochet hook according to the chosen thread thickness.

Step 2: Measurement
Use the ruler or measuring tape to measure the table where the placemat will be used. In general, placemats are approximately 45 cm wide and 30 cm long, but this can vary according to your preference.

Step 3: Start of work
Make a chain of the desired length. For the example, we will make a chain of 40 stitches. Then make one more chain to turn the work and then start the first row of double crochets.

Step 4: highlights
Double crochet stitch in third stitch on needle. Then make a double crochet stitch in each chain stitch until the end. For the last chain, make three double crochets. Turn work.

Step 5: Career Lows
Make a chain and then make a single crochet in each double crochet of the previous row. For the last stitch, make two single crochets together. Turn work.

Step 6: Career highlights
Make three chains and then make a double crochet in each single crochet of the previous row. For the last stitch, make two double crochets together. Turn work.

Step 7: Repeat
Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the placemat is the desired size.

Step 8: Finalization
Finally, cut the yarn and leave a length long enough to tie a knot. Then run the needle through the work to hide the loose end. Repeat the same process for the other loose ends.

Your crochet placemat is ready! You can make several placemats in different colors to match your home decor. In addition, this technique can be used to make other types of crochet pieces, such as tablecloths, rugs and pillows. With a little practice and patience, you can create unique and personalized pieces for your home.

─░lgili Makaleler

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