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Balls to the Walls Knits: River Rush Slouch Hat

River Rush Slouch Hat
River Rush Slouch Hat
size Adult Large (hence the extra slouch
on Hedwig)

I wish I had a snappy story about this hat, but I really don’t; basically, I designed it as a nice unisex number in order to give it away in a gift exchange, but didn’t because I (rather stupidly!) made an Adult Large and then wondered if it would be too large for a woman of average head size, if a woman of average head size were to receive it, and then descended into a morass of self-doubt, etc etc etc. So now it lives in an IKEA bag in my closet, ready to be sent out to a new recipient as soon as I build up the courage to revisit the post office (my last trip was an unmitigated disaster; this mailing-stuff-in-German stuff is hard, even if my German is now approaching kindergarten level). Oh yeah, but my husband DID pick out the yarn, so that was very nice of him!!!

Sizes: Toddler (Child; Teen/Adult Small; Adult Medium; Adult Large)

Yarn:┬áLana Grossa Alpaca Peru 100 (100% Alpaca; 109 yards [100 meters]/50 grams); #109 Gr├Ęge – 1 skein (1-2 skeins; 2 skeins; 2 skeins; 2 skeins)

River Rush Slouch Hat
A closer look at the pattern.
And Hedwig.
She looks pensive, no?

Needles: one 16″ circular needle in size US 8, one 16″ circular needle in size US 9, and one set of double pointed needles (dpns), also in size US 9

Notions: Tapestry needle, stitch marker

Gauge: 18 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette on size US 9 needles

So let’s make a hat! Using your size US 8 needle, then, cast on 76 (84; 92; 100; 108) stitches loosely, place marker, and join in round. Then we’ll knit the following ribbing row:

Ribbing Row: * p2, k2; rep from *

Knit this ribbing row until ribbing measures 1.5″ (2″; 2″; 2″; 2″) and transfer work to your size US 9 needle. Then we’ll begin our main pattern, as follows. To do this, we’ll need the following terminology (and please notice I’ve embedded a video of this technique below the description as well!):

rt (right twist): knit
two together, leaving stitches on left-hand needle; next, insert
right-hand needle from the front between the two stitches just knitted
together, and knit the first stitch again.  Finally, slip both stitches
from left-hand needle together

And once we have that down, we’ll proceed as follows:┬á

Row 1: * p3, k1 *

Row 2: * p2, rt *

Row 3: * p2, k2 *

Row 4: * p1, rt, k1 *

Row 5: * p1, k3 *

Row 6: * rt, k2 * 

Row 7: knit

Knit rows 1 – 7 4 (4; 5; 5; 6) times (please note that this is a guideline for a less-slouchy hat even though I called it a slouch hat – it’s been a hard week, people!!!; if you want something with more slouch, feel free to add some extra repeats!), and then transfer work to your dpns. Then we’ll work the decreases, as follows:

Decrease Row 1: * k2tog * (38
 [42; 46; 50; 54] stitches)

Decrease Row 2: * k2tog * (19 [21; 23; 25; 27] stitches)

Decrease Row 3: k1, * k2tog * (10 [11; 12; 13; 14] stitches)

Decrease Row 4 (sizes Toddler, Teen/Adult Small, and Adult Large): * k2tog *┬á(5┬á[–; 6; –; 7] stitches)

Decrease Row 4 (sizes Child┬áand Adult Medium): k1, * k2tog *┬á(–┬á[6; –; 7; –] stitches)

Complete decrease rows 1 – 4, clip yarn tail, thread on tapestry needle, and thread through final┬á5┬á(6; 6; 7; 7] stitches). Pull tight, thread to inside of hat, and knot. Tuck in ends and block, if desired.

River Rush Slouch Hat
River Rush Slouch Hat
River Rush Slouch Hat
River Rush Slouch Hat
 River Rush Slouch Hat

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