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Crochet Bag Elephant Pattern

Auspicious Ruyi Hollow Line Auspicious Pattern Crochet Bag

Wire: Hollow wire with more than 2 pink balls and less than 1 white ball

Tool: needle size 2.00

Size: Bag width 22.5, height with strap 33.5

The elephant in the bag means good luck and good luck

Hook method, bag body hook cross inner half stitch

bag back short needle

Crochet Elephant Pattern Bag

Weaving Instructions:

Bag bottom start

Knit 61 braids from the first row, crochet 2 short stitches upside down , 3 short stitches at the head and tail, 1 pair of 1 crochet short stitches in the middle, 128 stitches (all circle hooks)

In the second row, the 3 stitches at the beginning and the end of the short stitches are all extra stitches , and the middle is still 1 pair of 1 crochet short stitches, a total of 140 stitches

Row 3 to Row 6 (the third row starts to bring in the white thread, so that the body is a bit stiffer) 140 stitches are not added or subtracted

On the 7th row, start to crochet according to the diagram, adjust the number of pattern rows by yourself, arrange the pictures of the jacquard part and the elephant in the middle, and put the rest of the stitches on the two sides. I didn’t crochet the pattern and elephant on the back of the bag, and I was lazy again When hooking to the last 4th row of the bag body, crochet the outer half stitch.

The outer half stitch that was crocheted in the last 4th row before is now crocheting the inner half stitch, which is used to sew the zipper, 2 rows of loop hooks, and the stitches are appropriately reduced at both ends of each loop.

Start the bag with 7 braids, hook 6 short stitches 2 times, (leave a little thread for sewing) hook to the size you want, leave some thread to break, and then sew on the bag.

Crochet Elephant Pattern

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