NEUD Carrot Seed Hair Oil Review, Aromatherapy Natural Hair Oil

NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Hair Oil Review, NEUD Hair Oil for Smooth, Shiny Hair:

With so many options in the market when looking for natural hair oils, it becomes difficult to narrow down on one that works well and suits all hair types without making them overtly greasy. We are here to introduce the NEUD Carrot seed chemical-free hair oil to you so that you can now reap the benefits of ingredients proven and known to be used since ancient times for lustrous hair growth…

Product Information: NEUD Carrot Seed Hair Oil helps stimulate growth, improves tensile strength and makes hair voluminous. A top ingredient in aromatherapy, carrot seed has been used by ancient Indians, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, French and the Chinese for hair care and other benefits. This luxurious hair oil is naturally pH-balanced and free from harmful chemicals. Carrot seeds are rich in Vitamin A & E, oleic acid, geraniol, carotol, ducol, luteolin, limonene, pinene and linalool that soothe scalp itching and help prevent dandruff, breakage & split ends.

Price: 350 INR for 300 ml

NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Hair Oil for Men & Women Review:

When we first received the NEUD carrot seed hair oil, it was stunning to see how sturdy the packaging is. It is a huge bottle of herbal hair oil and that makes the price totally justified. There were no leaks whatsoever. Secondly, the bottle itself is so pretty, the round cap and the orange color is extremely attractive. Again, everything was securely delivered, zero spillage. One you twist open the beautiful black circular cap, you’ll realize that the oil is sealed and you need to pin a hole for it to start dispersing the product. 300 ml of product priced at 350 rupees is economical, considering the premium-ness of the product!

The oil is light, is mildly fragranced and not at all difficult to wash off. It can be used once or twice a week and is suitable for all hair types. The oil claims to help stimulate hair growth and also give you voluminous curls, apart from soothing itchiness and preventing dandruff, split ends and breakage. Over time, I do see the oil delivering what it promises taking into account the carrot seed oil, bhringraj, aloe vera extract, castor oil and other ingredients which are safe to use. Carrot seeds are known to be rich in Vitamin E and A and NEUD hair oil with carrot seed extracts is free from harmful chemicals, which makes it more desirable.

I would suggest indulging in some me-time and giving your scalp a good massage with this oil to improve blood circulation and reaping the benefits of all the goodness that this oil has. Carrot seed is proven to reduce dryness and the carotenoids in it help in making your hair shiny, strong and overall healthy. The NEUD premium carrot seed oil for hair does help in frizz reduction and makes them more manageable. It looks so pleasing to the eyes, has aromatherapy benefits and actually work, which makes it a must have product for working professionals, students and people looking for good hair health. Carrot seed also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, something that makes the new NEUD carrot seed oil an ideal choice.

We’re very happy with how we can get almost a spa-like experience sitting and home and trust us, if you are looking to gift this to someone, you would not regret it. Winters are also on the verge of arrival and there is no better time to start taking care of your beautiful hair.

If you want to grab your hands at the carrot seed extract hair oil by NEUD,

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