SAFIYAH TASNEEM : Ramadan 2018

I can’t believe we’re already in the last 10 days of Ramadan, it literally just felt like yesterday that we started fasting?!

This year The Body Shop have released this “Get Ready For Eid” 10 day beauty calendar instead of the 30 day one last year (check the blog post here!) and as much as I absolutely adored the packaging of last years one, this year’s actual products are better.

Read on to see what’s included!

First of all I wanted to comment on the packaging. Last year’s calendar was really beautiful and stunning, with the arabic numerals and islamic geometric designs.

This one is in the shape of a star which I do think is cute and it also has the arabic numerals, but overall feels a bit more childish than last years one and less elaborate. Still, it would be a great learning tool for children trying to learn arabic numbers/reuse it for Ramadan next year.

I’m not quite sure why the front says Best of Eid (or what it means?!) but on
The Body Shop website it does say “Get Ready For Eid” collection which makes more sense as it’s like a 10 day countdown to Eid and is different to the usual advent calendars for those who complained that it’s imitating Christmas.

I also like that with the 10 days rather than 30 days, there’s better products in every box as opposed to some of the filler type products in last year’s calendar (nail file, bath glove, pencil sharpener etc).

So I thought I’d open all the boxes this time and here’s what’s included in this 10 day calendar:

Full size Black Musk 30ml
White Musk Smoky Rose Shower Gel 60ml
Strawberry Body Lotion 60ml
Almond Hand Cream 30ml
Matte Lip Liquid Windsor Rose 8ml
Indian Night Jasmine Shower Gel 60ml
Brow Sculpt Medium Brown 2G
Vitamin E Day Cream 15ml
Strawberry Lip Juicer 4g
Black Eye Definer 1.1g

As I mentioned above, the products in this calendar are more of interest to me than last year especially with the Matte Lip Liquid in a nice flattering nude, the Lip Juicer and general products everyone uses like shower gel and body lotion.

All these products are of value and I calculated what the total would be if bought individually and it came to just over £60 so you do save over £10 with the price it’s sold at (£50), but there was also a 35% off offer over the Bank Holiday a few weeks ago and it was selling at around £33 which was even more of a bargain, so you could keep an eye out for any of the regular codes TBS share and see if you could get it for a better price again.

I’m not anti advent calendars personally, I think it’s great that there’s something especially designed for us and it’s something to pamper or treat ourselves to opening once the kids are asleep as we’re the ones who work the hardest anyway!

If you didn’t want to get it for yourself/as a gift, you could always split the products as it’s good value for money and add to family member’s presents for Eid as people always use a shower gel, lotion, lip balm etc.

The Get Ready For Eid Collection is £50 and available HERE. They also have some special and stunningly packaged gift sets here if you’re looking for some Eid gift ideas.

What are your thoughts on this year’s calendar? Have you bought any Ramadan/Eid designed products from The Body Shop?

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