SAFIYAH TASNEEM : Reflecting on 2018: Blogging Goals & Highlights!

Sooo, now that we’re at the end of 2018 I thought I’d reflect on my goals I posted at the beginning of this year and the highlights for me.

The year kind of feels like it flew by but also feels like a really long year coz soo much happened compared to previous years?!

Overall I feel like I achieved my most important blogging (and personal) goals, so even though I didn’t achieve them all how I planned, I’m not too down about it as I prefer to focus on the positives and goals should be like guidelines in my opinion.

My 5 goals at the
beginning of this year were:

1) Blog regularly

2) More videos

3) Sponsored content

4) Meet ups/events

5) Giving back 

1) Although I haven’t blogged here as frequent as I planned to this year, thankfully the posts I have done have been of huge interest, so I feel less bad as the quality of posts has been better than the quantity.

I am however grateful for the guest posters who kept my blog alive this year while I was busy with mum life or other social media platforms/campaigns.

I am hoping to post a bit more frequently in 2019, but may be focusing on quality blog posts I personally think will be amazing for my audience (like the elf yellow adjuster!) or if you lovely people highly request a specific review.

My foundation reviews have been at a standstill this year as I am figuring out my camera set up and lighting, so once that’s all sorted I hope to be back at them.

I’ve done a few posts/videos of lipstick reviews and swatches and want to continue with these for the darker lipped gals 😉

I’ve found that I’m hugely interested in skincare now that I’m getting older and so many of you are too (I mean if it helps reduce makeup time, then it’s a no brainer!), so I have dedicated a section of my blog to skincare that I hope to post more on.

Makeup looks have decreased as I tend to post them on instagram now; I find it more engaging to also get followers to join in there and create their own looks (like this month’s #DesiDecemberChallenge as it’s easier to view than a blog.

2) In terms of more videos, I managed to film and edit a couple videos but not as many as I’d have wanted but with everything else I have achieved this year I’m not mad about it as there’s virtually no time to edit and film more.

3) Sponsored content I’ve taken here and there this year and it is something I will touch on more next on my blog, so keep an eye out for this!

4) I definitely am happy that I managed a fair few meet ups and events (with and without brands), so this is something I want to do more of in 2019.

5) I’m glad that brands allowed me to hold giveaways and give personalised discount codes as I genuinely feel like it’s only right I give those of you following and supporting me something back and for brands it’s extra publicity so why it’s win win!


Listed in chronological order, this is what were my blogging highlights were:

  • Smashbox meet & greet/meet up – I started the year with a bang Alhamdulillah and got a small meet up set up at the Smashbox store for the launch of their new additional nude lipstick shades (blog post and swatch video here).
  • Working regularly with Illamasqua – one of my fave brands that pushes me to always get creative with makeup!
  • Glamglow multimasking video being used for sponsored post and having old customers from my retail days contact me saying they recognised my face
  • Being part of the Estee Lauder Companies panel with other amazing “influencers” in the industry, giving our views on blogging and meeting the CEO.. this was such a huge honour and I was grateful that my opinions/comments are valued despite being a “micro” influencer. It’s a step forward that I wish more brands would do to find out their markets and is something I hope to do more of in the future, so that products can maybe be tailor made to different audiences!
  • Meeting Makeup By Mario a second time in my blogging career.. this time with Nip + Fab (blog post here). Watching him do makeup seems so effortless and I’ve definitely picked up tips.
  • Starting my facebook group – Safiyah’s Beauty Babes – where we share our reviews, foundation/concealer shades and discount codes! It feels like we’re a close family on there now and everyone is super nice and helpful, I feel proud of everyone! <3
  • Finding affordable but effective products like the elf yellow adjuster and the botanical lab turmeric mask and having loads of you trust me enough to buy and sell out these products initially! 😆
  • Hosting an Eid ul Adha event at my “happy place” Palm Vaults and having e.l.f. cosmetics and Clinique ever so kindly donate goodies. I want to do this again next year iA, for those who maybe are lonely around Eid time <3
  • Being in the Clinique UK Even Better campaign and having everyone message me when they saw the ad on IG, YouTube, Pinterest and even a huge screen in Lakeside! I didn’t realise it would be so widespread, so I felt excited when I’d get a message from a follower; it’s a nice feeling to have people rooting for you, so thank you! 🙈
  • Going on my first ever press trip.. with none other than BECCA cosmetics! 😱 This wasn’t even a goal of mine, more of a dream because I’d never thought I’d have been able to go on a press trip, especially being not so huge on IG and also being a single mum and all; but it was perfect as it was only a two day trip and it was literally the best break and (food) I’ve ever had. Read my full blog post about it here!
  • Having my last meet & greet/meet up of the year with botanical brand boscia who have amazing products that I want to try more of once they reach here and seeing as I’m an avid masker, it was perfect to be a part of.

There were of course a fair few events I attended that deserve to be on this list too and quite a lot of packages to get through, which are all perks of the blogging world now that it has become the norm (but that I still appreciate!).

8 years on, I’m still just as excited about new releases as when I first started blogging, but now it’s particularly for ones I know/have a feeling will be huge hits.. or are a bargain of course lol.

I did also have a few personal highlights including an amazing 30th birthday, my son graduating nursery/starting full time school, meeting other amazing single mums like Yasmine Alom and also achieved my goal of giving my son his first holiday.. and Alhamdulillah at the way it fell into place that I had close family and a friend move out to Dubai this year, which resulted in a great first holiday for us together mA.

Overall I think this year was a pivotal year for me because I was focused and determined to achieve at least one or two of my goals, so I do think it’s important to set them; especially for someone like myself, as I can be a real procrastinator!

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 holds, I am truly grateful for all the support I’ve received this year (brands and followers), for everyone rooting for me and sharing my posts/stories/videos etc.. without you guys I wouldn’t be able to have opportunities like these arise and can only hope I can continue to help you with my review/swatch posts or maybe even help be the in-between person between consumers and brands, as that’s where I feel most valuable <3

I hope you all have an amazing year, do let me know if you note any goals or targets for yourself too, maybe we can motivate eachother throughout the year!

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