NEUD Goat Milk Premium Skin Renewal Cream Review, Skin Repair

NEUD Goat Milk Premium Skin Renewal Cream, Chemical-Free Skin Repair Cream Review:

It was time to get out hands on the new skin repair formulation that has been launched by NEUD. When this was delivered to my place, we were thrilled to see how premium this skin renewal cream looks. After using it for sometime, I believe its time to talk about the NEUD Goat Milk skin renewal cream and review it. Goat milk has more calcium, vitamins and magnesium than many other cosmetic ingredients and can help achieve softer, smoother and brighter skin over time by protecting collagen and generating healthier new skin cells…

Product Information

  • BOOSTS SKIN REPAIR – NEUD Goat Milk Skin Renewal Cream forms a protective layer on your skin to protect collagen, prevent dry skin and keep your skin supple
  • BRIGHTENS SKIN COMPLEXION – Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in goat milk help remove age spots, prevent wrinkles, brighten skin complexion, remove dead skin cells and promote generation of new skin cells
  • KEEPS SKIN BABY SOFT – Tiny fat molecules in goat milk allow AHAs to penetrate the skin epidermis deeply to lock skin moisture, transport skin-friendly nutrients and keep skin baby soft
  • PREVENTS SKIN INFECTIONS – Capric and caprylic acids in goat milk have natural antimicrobial properties that prevent skin infections
  • REDUCES WRINKLES & AGE SPOTS – Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, C, D and E, as well as minerals like potassium, magnesium and selenium in goal milk help reduce wrinkles, retain moisture, and nourish the skin

Price: 640 INR for 50g of skin renewal cream

NEUD Goat Milk Premium Skin Renewal Cream for Men & Women Review:

We have umpteen number of moisturizers and skin repair creams already in the market. However, after having tried hundreds of them, it is safe to say that the NEUD Goat Milk Skin Renewal Cream has the most premium and sturdy packaging at an affordable rate. Simply put, it looks premium. The size of the box is HUGE! I mean it when I say it. Companies that invest time in assembling high quality packaging and taking care of details just signify the amount of efforts they want to put in for the consumers. This skin repair cream containing goat milk can just be packed and gifted to someone, its that beautiful. The jar itself is sturdy, looks stunning and the manual in the box just portrays how much NEUD has put in to perfection! The jar is HEAVY, again another premium component justifying the price tag.

The fragrance and the formula are great too! Totally smells like a luxury skin cream, the formula is not too thick or too watery – just right. It absorbs well into the skin and I personally prefer using it at night when my skin rests. However, it is light enough to be used during the day time as well. Every time I use it, the fragrance lingers on for a while and is light yet so therapeutic! It is not at all greasy or heavy and does not break my oily skin out. That’s another plus considering I have acne-prone skin. There is a little tightening effect after using this, which subsides in a while.

Goat milk protein is the first item listed on the ingredients list apart from almond oil, shea butter and orange and aloe vera. Moisturizing the skin day and night is essential and now that winters are almost here, it is imperative that you take care of your skin to prevent crusty and wrinkly skin. I believe this cream would be great for those with normal to oily skin, although it is suitable for all skin types. Goat milk is a rare ingredients when it comes to facial moisturizers. Mostly we would find chemical loaded facial moisturizers in the Indian market, but this is sulphate and paraben free apart from being phthalate and formaldehyde free, adding to another reason why you can consider buying this.

NEUD goat milk moisturizer for skin renewal claims to contain multiple vitamins like A, B, C, D and E due to the Goat milk, which is known to deeply nourish the skin preventing crows feet and wrinkles in the long run. It is a good skin care habit to moisturize after cleansing and therefore, if you want AHAs in the product to penetrate into your skin and give you glowing facial skin, you must try this product out!

Finally, this can be used before makeup and has antimicrobial properties and claims to promote new skin cell generation. Therefore, it is a skin repair formulation to delay signs of aging and reduce pigmentation, freckles and sagging. Over time, the product claims to deliver these benefits with continued usage.

If you want to grab your hands at the new skin repair cream by NEUD,

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